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Mr Stefan BrandSemi-finished metal products of steel
Semi-finished metal products of stainless steel
Semi-finished metal products of aluminium
Accessories for electronic control systems
Switching and control technology power relais, relays, transformers, switches
Electro equipment clamps, glands, terminal boxes
Control cabinets
Actuators air handling units
thermistor and thermal contacts for electromotors
Solar roof mounting systems
Packaging material, cardboard packaging, wooden pallets, foils, styropor, molded pulp
Glue, liqid coating, powder coating
Accessories for heating service, brushes, carrying straps, spare part cases
Accessories for airhandling unit service, bag filters, role filters
Wagework, reworkinig, galvanizing
Mrs Elisa Mariotti Electronic control systems heating
Electronic control systems air handling
Electronic control systems solar
Electronic R&D project services
Mr Jakob Lindl
Cast iron
Insulation material ceramic, rockwool, glasswool, syrofoam, high temperature resistant and others
Ventilators for air handling units and accessories
Gasblowers and exhaust gas fans for heating
Electronic gas-air control unit for heating
Ventilator accessories, wheels, grills, impellers, fan belts, wedge plates, dampers
Merchandise finished heating products - flow heater, heat pumps, hot water tanks, fresh water stations
Cables pre-assembles and bulk wires
Measurement and control technology, thermometers, manometers, safety temperature limiters, thermostats, measuring and switching devices, electrodes, combustion control units
Electric motors
Actuators for heating
Frequency converters
Hydraulic pumps
Hydraulic valves, switching valves, ball valves, shut-off valves, bypass valves, pressure relief valves
Hydraulic pipes plastic (piping)
Hydraulic mixing valves
Hydraulic blocs and other hydraulic functional components
Refrigeration silencers, collectors, inspection sigh glasses, compressors and filter dryers
Mrs Olimpia Salierno
Plastic profiles
plastic moulding parts
plastic tubes
plastic perspex
plastic standard parts
Mr Waldemar FisterCast aluminium, brass, zinc and stainless steel
Sealing material stamped, moulded, profiles, membrane of silikon, EPDM, Viton, foamed and liquid
Merchandise clima humidifying systems,Merchandise controlled domestic ventilation,Merchandise air handling units
Oilburners and oilburner accessories
Gas burner and accessories
Gas flue systems
Air distribution systems for controlled domestic ventilation
Gas combi valves, gas safety valves, gas shut-off valves, gas-mixer venturi
Connecting technology standard parts, screws, screw nuts, discs, rivets, clips, hinges, locks, fittng material, weldng wire
Tubings, piping in copper, steel, stainless steel, malleable cast iron, brass and hoses
Chemicals lubricants, oil, grease, chemicals for solar
Mr Manuel RomagnolliSolar thermal glass
Solar thermal absorber
Solar thermal collectors
Mr Gottfried Bauer 
Investments, services and indirect material
Mr Christian Brunnbauer 
Investments, services and indirect material
 Mr Carsten Newiger
Storage tanks floor standing hotwater, storage tanks solar, storage buffer tanks heating water and stratified storage tanks
Storage tank accessories - electric heating elements, anodes
Expansion vessels for heating and solar systems
Piping groups and pump piping groups, connection kits, flat stations for heat distribution

Mr Christian Sawin
Heat exchanger for air handling units, heating coils, cooling coils, heating recovery coils, direct evaporators
Heat exchanger for heating water and domestic water
Heat exchanger exhaust gas
Merchandise finished products clima - roof fans, extract fans, cooling systems, air washers
Accessories for air handling units - air outlet units, rain hoods, dampers, flexible connections, silencers, grills
Humidifier, contact humidifier, air washer and air washer
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